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Drone Pilot & Video Editor in 2 Months
It's time to Supercharge Your Talent. Become A Professional Filmmaker, Produce And Edit Videos For Individuals & Companies, Or Land A High-Paying Job In A Media Company.

If A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

How About Several Pictures?

Drone Practical
Video Editing Class
Track & Dolly Class
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Lolo1 aka Adaku
Charles Inojie's Session
Composition Class
TV Commercial Shoot
Making of a Movie
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From Camera to Gimbals, Sound to Light, Production Design to Directing. We will take you through the technicalities of producing professional Movies, Music Videos and TV Commercials using different camera types. 

Drone Piloting

Learn how to take off, fly and land a drone. Learn to send a Drone to different height and places, taking several professional shots for any type of production, and the FAA rules/laws behind drone usage. 

Film Directing

Learn the steps it takes to take a script from paper to screen. Take charge of a production set and fuel your talents to get the best from them. Practical Film making training for aspiring film directors.

Video Editing

From Basic to Advance Video Editing, using the videos we shoot during production. This is the best way to learn editing as you follow from story to the end product. We'll teach Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

A Complete 4 in 1 Course for Creative Minds

Very Limited Slots Available


While other Film Schools Focus on the Theory, We Employ Practical Approach to Learning. We take you to the field and give you Hands-on practical experience in Film Production. From Production Planning to core Video Shooting and finally back to the Studio for Post Production/Editing.

About 300 Five Star Rating from Students

Practical Classes and Field work

Raging Community of Filmmakers

Industry Standard Equipment

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Collaborations Away From STARTING, DOUBLING, TRIPLING, or Even QUADRUPLING Your Career in Media...

We Bring Together Creative Aspiring Filmmakers

Creativity is a word, collaboration is the tool. We don't only teach you how to produce videos. We teach you how to collaborate to get the best out of your skill.

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Watch Jane’s Story
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